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Here are a few tasks that could be done to minimize your business costs with outsourcing, that can help you gain back precious free time, and that will immeasurably improve your overall happiness, stress level, and satisfaction.

1. Bookkeeping and payroll Services
Your virtual assistant will keep up payroll information by gathering, computing, and entering information. Updates payroll records by entering changes in exemptions, insurance coverage, savings deductions, and job title and department/division transfers. Prepares reports by accumulating summaries of earnings, taxes, deductions, leave, disability, and non-taxable wages. Resolves payroll discrepancies by gathering and analysing information.

2. Answering Phone Calls
Your can outsource a virtual assistant to answer your telephone. Hiring a virtual secretary can give a quality of credibility and demonstrable skill to your side business, also free you up from surprising telephone calls.

3. Web Research
You can get informative data on your business to generate future lead. If you would like to make a database of bookkeeping firms in your city for statistical surveying or simply discover several associate looked into studies that bolster a hunch for your next introduction, there’s no reason that you ought to venture out inquiring about anything nowadays. Services like, Fiverr, and connect you with talented professionals around the world who are willing to complete that task faster and for less money than you’d imagine. 

4. Graphic Design and Digital Presentation Preparation
If you have any task related graphic design, spend a few dollars on Fiverr, Upwork, 99Designs , Guru, or DesignCrowd to have a professional design. Utilize the time you’ve quite recently saved money on practicing your introduction.

5. Website Management
If you’re a small companies or web designer and developer, you can have your VA do the essential tasks for your customers like doing the initial setup of the development site (installing WP, installing plugins, adding page content, etc)

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